Style is meaningless to some, but it can be a deciding factor in how other’s see us. With the right clothes, you can create your own personal style that reflects your personality and shines you as an individual. Find out the basics of summer fashion in this blog article!

1. Choose the right colors
When choosing colors for a summer outfit, you should look to the pastel spectrum. Pastels are soft, light, and will make you feel as if you’re in a dream. Look to the color wheel for your best options in terms of warm or cool tones. If you want something that is more unique and has personality, go for jewel tones like reds and blues.

2. Pick the right fabrics
The trick to dressing for summer is picking fabrics that will be cool and breezy. Cotton is best if you want to stay cool, but it will also hold onto a lot of moisture and can become heavy. If you’re looking for something light and cool, consider linen or silk instead.

3. Select a fun pattern
If you’re someone who enjoys trying different patterns, going for a fun pattern will help you stay on your toes and give off a more youthful vibe. It will also help you to stand out at the beach in summer! You can’t go wrong with a colorful print, animal print, or tropical prints.
4. Consider how to mix and match
If you are going to wear a summer dress in your wardrobe, you will want to consider how to mix and match it with other pieces. Consider pairing a summer dress with a great pair of shoes and a top as well.

5. Choose a flattering silhouette
The key to feeling confident in a swimsuit is attire that will flatter your body. If you have any trouble choosing one, try dressing for the shape of your body – if you’re curvy and would like to show off those curves, then go for a skimpy bikini with lots of fabric; if you’re tall and slender, then consider an empire-waist dress with a high neckline.

6. Wear your summer shoes
Make sure to wear your summer shoes in the summer. Your feet will thank you for it. If you don’t already have your summer shoes, now is the time to start preparing for it. Just like when you make your winter shoes, be sure to take them out of the closet and wear them every day. Depending on what type of shoe or sandal you’re buying, think about which materials work best for your feet in different weather conditions.

7. Add accessories and jewelry
For summer, it’s important to remember that style is a personal expression. You have the freedom of wearing what you want. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of seven accessories and jewelry options that can help create summer looks and styles.

8. Choose your summer perfume or body mist
In order to dress for summer in a way that is both stylish and feels comfortable, you will need to think about what type of perfume or body mist you are going to wear. The selection of your summer fragrance will depend on your personality and the season. For example, if you are looking for something warm, like sandalwood or amber, opt for a body mist instead of an eau de parfum.

9. Create your own summer boho look
For your boho look, you will need a long maxi dress or skirt, a small bikini top, and comfortable sandals. This will allow you to move freely and show off your summer style.

10. Accessorize with something statement-worthy
Statement-worthy accessories incorporate the latest trends and seasonal colors. For example, statement bracelets are a popular trend in summer, with pastels such as yellow and orange providing a happy vibe and brightening up any outfit. Statement earrings also make an impact, like a pair of tribal bells or hoops for the trendy millennial look. Statement shoes can be another way to bring in some summer style without working too hard.