Genius Hour

On high school campuses, “Genius Hour” is a popular after-school program that challenges students to solve problems with the help of their creativity. It’s hailed as an effective way to cultivate the skills needed to be successful in a rapidly changing world. But it’s not just for students. Teachers and administrators often participate too.

Introduction to the genius hour
The genius hour is a movement that allows students to take an hour every day during their school schedule where they are free from school-mandated tasks. The idea behind the genius hour is to allow students to experience creative play and curiosity within the framework of their regular school day. It’s easy for students to take advantage of the genius hour since it can be done with friends and teachers alike.

The Benefits of an afternoon of creativity in schools
The Genius Hour initiative is designed to increase time spent on creativity, while also providing other benefits such as learning faster. An afternoon of creativity can provide students with a new perspective on their futures and allows them to brainstorm ways they can change the world. A Genius Hour session also helps bring students together (often during lunchtime) which creates an environment that is more likely to promote student outside-of-class activities.

Different Types of Genius Hour
There are three main types of Genius Hour:
1) The school has a department dedicated to creativity and hires a teacher or faculty member to run the program for their school.
2) The school has a department, but nobody is officially hired to do it.
3) Geniuses outside of the school come into the class/school to teach for an hour.

How to Set Up a Genius Hour
In order to turn your school into a “genius” hive of creativity, you’ll need to set up a Genius Hour. This hour should be open for anyone and everyone who wants to contribute. You don’t need any permission to participate. But keep in mind that it needs a bit of structure. For example, if you want students to work on an idea during the week, then it’s important for them to commit before the Genius Hour starts.
Genius Hour
Ways to Celebrate Genius Hours
Before the Genius Hour, educators began to find ways to celebrate creativity in schools. In fact, some educators found that celebrating creative play actually helped children learn how to be more creative. Celebrate your students’ genius with a “Taco Party”.

The last few decades have seen a huge increase in the use of technology in education. However, there is still room for improvement and one way to do so is to take a look at how technology has been used as a means of accelerating creativity and understanding – the genius hour.