UNITED SIKHS Humanitarian Aid truck carrying ration, medicines, and essential needs for over 40,000 victims of ethnic violence in Manipur has met with an accident. The truck carrying the aid hit a pothole caused by a landslide, and toppled over to fall into a gorge. The truck driver and their volunteer miraculously escaped with minor injuries. Most of the relief material, being sent in response to the request for aid the organization received from local NGO’s, was also saved with the help of loacals.

The incident happened when UNITED SIKHS team along with our humanitarian aid truck was en route from Shillong to Churachandpur. But their intrepid volunteers resumed a grueling journey of over 5 days through the arduous terrain to reach out to the victims.

Manipur is witnessing a spiraling humanitarian crisis from the extreme ethnic violence that has led to killing of over 130 people and displacement of over 50,000, who have been rendered homeless, injured, hungry and vulnerable.

UNITED SIKHS responded to the request by local NGO’s by providing humanitarian assistance. We sent ration and medical aid for over 40,000 people in the first batch.

UNITED SIKHS Director Mohinderjit Singh said that UNITED SIKHS reaches out impartially to any community in need, irrespective of their religious identity or ethnicity. As a UN-affiliated organization, that has an experience is providing aid in emergency situations in the region and in such volatile situations, our teams have reached to provide humanitarian assistance and medical aid to those affected and suffering,”

“Even though Sikhs have been pushed to the brink of ouster in Shillong, it is the Sikh community that is now providing aid and healing wounds of those suffering in the North East. Following the Sikh tenets to ‘Recognise The Human Race As One’ we are committed to provide aid to marginalized and underprivileged communities irrespective of their race, religion or ethnicity. The suffering of people of any community anywhere must be a concern for everyone all over the world, and they must step forward to help,” UNITED SIKHS International Humanitarian Aid Director said.