This may somehow look perfect for the visually impaired author Saurabh Pant who comes from Nainital and got educated first in Dehradun and later in Delhi – so let’s have a look at his growth as an author alongside his books which are too many if we start to count. 


Saurabh Pant is a visually impaired Indian author, born on the 4th of April 1994 in the beautiful hill station of Nainital in Uttarakhand. After having pneumonia at the age of 3 and accepting the loss of vision at age 5, he came in touch with Braille at the age of  12 and had primary education in NIEPVD in Dehradun where he also learnt screen reader access for devices. He returned to inclusion after schooling and graduated from Kirori Mal College in DU where he was a modest student of his time. His writing journey had started to grow in school, but with technical help, he published his 1st work in Sept 2014 and from there onwards he never looked back. 

Today he is the author of more than 120 works and has won 9 international awards but he feels more connected with his visually impaired friends and likes to help in whatever way it is possible so he feels gratified. In 2022, he was supported hugely by Digital Golgappa and Cosmoclan platforms and came to be known by the larger Indian spectrum. Further, in 2023, he was honoured by Ne8x officials for his journey alongside famous quote books to celebrate his efforts and in 2024 he was rewarded with premium media coverage by Archi sir for which he is thankful. He looks forward to finding out more possible ways to grow and with the great help of the perfect supporting team members and blessings of parents, the creative mind hopes to continue to grow more in future as an author.   


Let’s now have a sneak peek into the author’s famous works – one that is read the most and the places where he has contributed the most to showcase how much he has done in the past 10 years to stand in his light. 

  1. Affection never dies: This is the work that counts the most as the beginner. The work is generally science fiction based on the narrative of a secret agent that was published on the 23rd of September 2014 by Power Publishers in West Bengal. At the time of its release, the author didn’t have any decent personal profile so he dedicated it to one of his famous friends who works in a hostel for orphans connecting the bio with him, though the work did come to Flipkart and eBay where it made its decent remark being the author’s first book in existence in the market. 
  2. Burning Asia: the present image: This book is one of the most famous when it comes to the author alongside Triple Jimmy and the glowing world. First published as a poetry collection on the 1st of November 2016 from Lulu Publisher Inc. in the USA, the work was first released in digital form as an ebook. Further, the work was released in its printed form on the 28th of April  2017 from the same publisher and the author was elated to find its paperback, but the work was still popular in ebook form with its best impression at the Yale University E forum and Helsinki digital memorial or at the other famous libraries due to the publisher’s efforts. It was not till  2023 when the final approval for the paperback was accomplished that the work came into its true form and in just 1 year of the gap, it has spread all over the world as a well-appreciated poetry collection that mainly focuses on Asian politics as a core element. 
  3. Thoughts beyond measure: From one genre to another, this work is a quote book published as a paperback in India as it was released by Lab Academia in Allahabad on the 1st of January 2021 as a quotebook being part of their motivation series. The work is available on Amazon India store and has also been featured in many platforms including the book store of a publisher in Goa and other places. It has also been well received in book writing festivals due to the efforts of the publisher and stands well in its sphere. Further, this is the work that spread around the tables amongst the jury in the process of selecting the award for writing journey by Ne8x  official in 2023 so the work is very close to the author’s heart in its actual glow. 
  4. Warming boom: Speaking of hills and no natural work, how can this be possible? This is the one dedicated by the author to the concept of overheating and the global warming scenario as the work is an ebook that focuses on natural poetry in its element for readers around the world. This work was published on the 18th of June 2017 by Lulu Publisher Inc. and has made its presence felt at many digital forums, places and its impact through Amazon Kindle is well worth with overwhelming reviews from the readers that show how much it has been loved by the people on the web with their choice to relish it. 


From single works to multiple, the author has joined many places including ABC Auckland, Poetry Ireland, University of Bucharest, Hungarian/Polish publishers and other platforms to publish his works and make his remark in such industries. His essays on the Great Barrier Reef were appreciated in Zealand, He published poetry on Asia in Poetry Ireland and went on to get 2 works on  Balcan politics in poetry through the University of Bucharest. Further, he also worked well for the Hungarian book club as he published short story works both in Hungary and Poland through Libri Kiado and Komora’s branch and he made contributions to gothic fiction alongside ghost stories through their support in publishing. 


The author has also contributed to the prominent research portal of the USA called Scribd where he has submitted and published around 17 works to his name. From research papers to research archives, short stories to memoirs and even essays, the author has been part of the journey and he has been honoured by expanding his contributions to Everand, which is a new platform of the portal which gives him true satisfaction to grow further. 


Finally, what makes the author most pleased is the 5 Gk series he has published from 5 different publishers at the same time around the world. Starting from one on Indian culture from Singapore,  then geography and science with LAP Germany and Lars Muller and then moving on to environment and sports from Zealand and Australia- It made his journey complete to release a set of series and have success in the writing world. 

Working hard  is important but also choosing the right work brings out the best in you

The author shall always be grateful to all who supported him and he hopes there is much to come forward in his journey,  thank you all for your great and courageous support.

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