In an exhilarating finale to the Tumkur Jain Champions League (TJCL) Season 2, the Prince Legends emerged victorious, defeating the VS Warriors in a closely contested match. The tournament, which took place at Bishop Sargant School in Tumkur on April 14th, 2024, saw a total of ten teams vying for the championship title.

Match Highlights

The Prince Legends showcased exceptional skill and teamwork throughout the tournament, culminating in their triumph in the final match. Each player from the winning team was awarded Rabbit TWS earbuds, courtesy of the audio partner Rabbit Audio. The VS Warriors, who put up a valiant fight to secure the runner-up position, were rewarded with a cash prize of INR 5,000.

The tournament featured a diverse lineup of teams, including Campus Super Kings, Trophy Chasers, Rajesh Royals, Power Hitters, Royal Kings, Mahavir Avengers, Nakoda Strikers, Spartans, and the VS Warriors. Each team displayed remarkable talent and sportsmanship, contributing to a highly competitive and entertaining season.

Organizers and Founders

The TJCL was brought to life by the visionary efforts of founder Deepak Jain and co-founder and concept designer Prathik Jain. The successful organization of Season 2 was also attributed to the hard work of Amit Jain, Arvind Rawal, and Shreenik Jain, who played pivotal roles in orchestrating the event.

Future Plans

In an interview with Mr. Prathik Jain, he expressed his profound gratitude to all the sponsors, including the title sponsor Campus Fashion Hub for TJCL Season 2, for their unwavering support in making both Season 1 and Season 2 grand successes. He hinted at the possibility of expanding the league to a district or state level in the upcoming Season 3, indicating the growing ambition and scale of the TJCL.

Sponsorship and Prizes

The TJCL’s success was significantly bolstered by the generous contributions of its sponsors. The title sponsor, Campus Fashion Hub, played a crucial role in elevating the tournament’s profile. The collaboration with Rabbit Audio as the audio partner added an extra layer of excitement by providing high-quality prizes for the champions.

The tournament’s success is a testament to the power of community sports events in fostering talent and bringing people together. With the promise of expanding its reach, the TJCL is poised to become a staple in the regional cricket calendar, offering a platform for local cricketers to showcase their abilities and compete at higher levels.