Tamil Nadu, April 16, 2024Talented students from the Elshaddai Group of Institutions have been making headlines with their remarkable artistic achievements. Their dedication, creativity, and messages Vote for Future, Education for All, stopping child abuse, fostering patriotism, and advocating for child safety have not only inspired communities but also brought pride to their schools and families. Let’s delve into the extraordinary accomplishments of these young achievers and explore the meaningful stories behind their record-breaking mosaics and other achievements, earning them recognition from Elite World Records, the Asian Records Academy, the India Records Academy, and the Tamilan Book of Records.


Barkavi R, a Grade IV student, has achieved an outstanding world record by answering the most general knowledge questions in 5 minutes, totalling an impressive 123 correct answers . This accomplishment underscores the importance of broad knowledge and quick thinking in young learners. Barkavi’s ability to answer a wide range of questions demonstrates advanced cognitive abilities, memory retention, and intellectual curiosity. Developing strong general knowledge enhances critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and overall academic performance. 


Jeslyn Shekinah E, a Grade III, has achieved an impressive world record by recalling the most facts about various states and provinces through digital maps in just 10 minutes, totalling an impressive 169 facts . This accomplishment highlights the importance of geographic knowledge and awareness in young learners. Jeslyn’s ability to identify states and provinces on digital maps and recall facts about them demonstrates advanced cognitive abilities and memory retention at a young age. Understanding geographical regions promotes cultural awareness, fosters curiosity about different places, and enhances overall education. Her record-setting feat serves as an inspiration emphasizing the significance of geographic literacy and encouraging children to explore and understand the world around them. 


Jason Beryl E, a Grade VII student, has achieved a remarkable world record by publishing the most short stories in a book, totalling an impressive 77 stories on April 7, 2024. This exceptional feat highlights the importance of creativity, storytelling, and literary expression in young writers. Jason’s ability to conceive and write a large number of short stories demonstrates advanced writing skills, imagination, and dedication to the craft of storytelling. Writing and publishing stories not only fosters language proficiency but also promotes critical thinking, empathy, and communication skills. Jason’s dedication to storytelling exemplifies the transformative power of writing in shaping young minds and fostering a lifelong love for literature and language.


Jainul Rizath M, a Grade VIII student, set a new world record for the Longest Lecture Marathon in Social Science, lasting an impressive 14 hours . Rizath exhibited confidence, determination, and deep knowledge, maintaining exceptional focus and using excellent body language and gestures throughout the record attempt. This remarkable achievement highlights Rizath’s dedication and scholarly prowess. He prepared over 250 colorful slides in PowerPoint and conducted the session professionally.


Mithoon Pari AR, a Grade III student, has achieved a remarkable world record by identifying 150 currencies from digital images in an astonishing time of 1 minute, 56 seconds, and 27 milliseconds . This exceptional feat highlights the importance of global awareness and financial literacy, even at a young age. The ability to swiftly recognize and differentiate between various currencies demonstrates advanced visual recognition skills, cognitive abilities, and a keen eye for detail. Understanding different currencies is essential in today’s interconnected world, promoting cultural understanding, economic awareness, and global citizenship. 


Tamizhini K, a Montessori I student, has achieved a remarkable world record by identifying the most assorted digital images in just 3 minutes, totalling an impressive 151 images . This accomplishment highlights the importance of early cognitive development, visual recognition skills, and memory retention in preschoolers. The ability to swiftly recognize and identify diverse images demonstrates advanced perceptual abilities and cognitive processing at a young age. 


Praganya S, a Grade III student, has achieved a remarkable world record by identifying 100 digital images of human bones, organ systems, and muscles in an astonishing time of 57 seconds and 96 milliseconds . This exceptional feat highlights the importance of anatomy education and visual recognition skills in young learners. Praganya’s ability to swiftly identify and differentiate various parts of the human body demonstrates advanced cognitive abilities and keen observation skills at a young age. Understanding human anatomy is crucial for promoting health awareness, medical knowledge, and overall wellness.


Selva Ganesh S, a Grade VIII student, has achieved an impressive world record by assembling a radio-controlled airplane model in a record-breaking time of 2 hours and 35 minutes . This remarkable feat highlights the importance of patience, precision, and technical skills in young individuals. Selva Ganesh’s ability to assemble a complex radio-controlled airplane model demonstrates advanced engineering skills, problem-solving abilities, and attention to detail. Building model airplanes not only promotes hands-on learning and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education but also enhances spatial awareness and fine motor skills. His record-setting accomplishment serves as an inspiration for educators and parents in fostering practical skills and encouraging interests in aviation and technology among young learners. 


Dr.Elgin.A.Arose, the Founder Chairman, affirmed, “These achievements testify to the school’s dedication to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of excellence.” He was joined by his esteemed team, including Dr.A.Monolisha, the Managing Trustee Secretary, P.Alexander, the Correspondent, and Dr.Sheik Abdullah, the Academic Dean. Their combined dedication and guidance significantly contributed to the students’ remarkable milestones.





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